The Latest Announcements From Studio Lagree UK

studio lagree uk bass

Congratulations to Leanne Bass, our first Lagree Legend winner. Click here to read how Studio Lagree has become an integral part of Leanne’s fitness regime.

Congratulations to Janice Hamilton, our July Lagree Legend winner.




Congratulations to Olivia Roach, our September Lagree Legend winner. Click here to read what makes Olivia want to come back for more!

Congratulations to Fernando De Beurs, our October Lagree Legend winner. Click here to read why Fernando can’t stop coming back for more!

Meet Matt McElligott, the ‘King of the Burn’. Click here to read more about Matt.

Congratulations to Lindsey Mackie, our November Lagree Legend winner.




Congratulations to Pandora Wheale, our December Lagree Legend winner.  Click here to read more about Pandora.




Congratulations to Natasha Sibley, our January Lagree Legend winner.  Click here to read more about Natasha’s love of Studio Lagree.