Meet Vinny, Our New Head Instructor



Whats your background?

Initially a Health & Social Care Professional in a senior management position, I had a ‘light bulb’ moment and realised that this was not my passion and didn’t want to spend my working life doing something I was good at but didn’t love. Whilst at a fitness event, my new vocation became clear.


I returned to work on the Tuesday, handed my notice in and haven’t looked back since! I started out in a group gym as a personal trainer and my journey since then has allowed me to work with dancers, actors and sports professionals, with a strong focus on rehabilitation and performance development. This lead me into teaching Reformer Pilates and now the Lagree Method.



Outside of Studio Lagreewhere can we find you?

Well if the truth be told, I’m a gym rat through-and-through, however, if I’m not lifting tin, being put through my paces at Lagree, or practising Pilates. you’ll likely find me somewhere eating – my second passion in life!


What does your standard week look like?

There is nothing standard about my week.  Delivering a mix of personal training sessions and classes means there is some fluidity week-on-week. The nature of the industry means early mornings, lunch times and evenings are busy. That said, over the years I have learnt to be strict with myself and ensure I always get time for some good food and gym or class time somewhere across London.


How many times a week do you train?

This really depends on the demands of the week, however, I always aim for 5 sessions a week and accept that sometimes this will not always happen. I’d like to think on average I am training at least 4 sessions a week.


Whats your guilty pleasure?

Cake and bread, which in my mind are basically one in the same! Otherwise, I tend to have a pretty clean lifestyle.


What is your favourite thing about teaching at Studio Lagree?

The energy from the group.  I love the formula of Studio Lagree, which promotes participants to push their boundaries. There is nothing more satisfying then a good sequence landing and everyone giving it their all! Not to mention some class tunes, but that goes without saying! 😉


Where will we find you on the weekend?

I generally see the weekends as MY time; sleeping, eating and spending time with friends and loved ones. You’ll also often find me in a Studio Lagree class at some point – obviously!


Tell us more about you and how you became part of Studio Lagree?

My training background is varied. Growing up on the coast I had the sea and countryside as my playground and was always active; horse riding, mountain biking, BMXing, swimming, and rock climbing. I’ve never been keen on team sports, but activities where I can push and improve my performance have always appealed to me!


I was introduced to Studio Lagree by a good friend of mine during the City studio soft launch – it was love at first burn. By the end of that first class I knew I wanted to get involved!