Lagree 3x3 Campaign



Meet Phoebe – The Lagree 3x3 Campaign Chick


So, the Lagree3x3 campaign is underway. Have you heard? We are asking you to commit to 3 sessions, 3 times a week for 3 weeks. And to help you commit – we have created our very own package for you. Purchase it through our website or ask reception for more details.


We have asked luxury lifestyle, travel & health and fitness blogger Phoebe Greenacre from Wood & Luxe how her experience with the challenge has been. And her experience? Well… just keep reading.



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So, Phoebe, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a freelance marketing consultant, yoga teacher and travel/wellness blogger. I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to combine all of my skill sets and passions into my day to day life.


How easy do you find staying in shape with so much travelling?

I’m not going to lie, it’s very hard to stick to a routine as I’m always in and out of London. I try to make my travel as active as possible, integrating hiking, swimming, yoga and running into every destination. But I don’t deprive myself from a good glass of Malbec and an occasional treat.


Had you tried Studio Lagree before getting involved in the campaign?

Yes I tried Studio Lagree over 6 months ago, I’d usually go around 3 times per month. After the first class, I was addicted to the burn that I get from each class.


How are you finding the Lagree 3x3 so far?

Studio Lagree classes are the hardest reformer pilates classes I’ve found in London. It’s definitely a challenge for me but I’ve already noticed a change in my body after 3 classes in one week. I’m looking forward to see what happens after the 3 weeks are over.


Are you supplementing Lagree with other exercises too or using it as a focal point of your work out over the next 3 weeks?

Lagree is my focal point for the 3 weeks, however I’m supplementing it with some light cardio and yoga classes.


Where can we follow your journey?

You can find me on Instagram + Twitter @woodandluxe and my blog at


Any pieces of advice or motivation for people thinking about signing up?

I’m a big believer in changing up your routine in order to see different results in your training. If you continue to do the same training all the time, you will not see any great changes in your body. I think the 3x3 is a great challenge if you have a special event coming up, a holiday or you are needing to shake up your fitness. It’s definitely worth the investment.